Portrait of Sandy Weir, Photographer | Perthshire | Scotland

My name is Sandy Weir

I am a rare breed - a professional photographer and immensely proud of it.

I revel in the subtleties and complexities of composition, colour calibration, lighting styles, focal lengths, and the many other conscious and subconscious details which all combine to create a photographic work of art.

If all this seems unnecessary in an age of camera phones and instant gratification, then don't waste your time by going any further through this website; in my world there is no substitute for good all-round technical skills and an eye for great composition.

This site is aimed exclusively at those who want and can appreciate a lasting memory of an event, a place or a loved one; those who know the importance of continuity three generations or more down the line.

I don't do quick snaps, I don't do two-for-one offers, I don't work on the cheap, but, when I accept a commission then all my years of experience and expertise are concentrated on delivering a first class service from initial contact through to handing over carefully crafted and presented images.

I make no apologies for what I am.




Sandy Weir Photographer 15 Abbey Park Auchterarder Perthshire PH3 1EN Scotland Telephone: +44 (0) 1764 664542 Email: